Nov 4 / rhashad313 ELLE

Elle by Maxx KilbourneComplicated truths are lies. 

Evelyn struggles to meet the expectations of others while battling a tumultuous past. Her life is shrouded by scandalous secrets and a sinister present, much like Mother Shott and her thuggish sons. They all harbor complicated lies, each are awkwardly intertwined and deadly.

Elle’s haunting sins push her towards a suicidal confession, but will she follow through? After all, the truth will set you free, right?

Joshua’s heart is crushed as he’s forced to choose between a soulmate and vengeance, wondering if love can really conquer all.

Jaymo lives atop the world, but poor choices and a fatal mistake handicaps The cartel, and Elle. Can he right his wrongs?

Dirty Feds, angry cartels and a twisted family legacies converge in a tale of fraudulent eyes and convoluted lies.

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