Oct 21 / rhashad313 One Spear Love

It’s just a small story really, about among other things: a girl, a hunter, back-stabbers, a troubled Peace, and bits of love. . . . Set in sub-Saharan Africa during the height of one nation’s power, Maxx Kilbourne’s groundbreaking new novel “One Spear Love” is the story of Santressa, a young maiden who becomes Queen of a distant land. She matures awkwardly into her role as Monarch, but she fails to outgrow a childish love, rendering her heart locked to the King. Santressa’s inability to move-on pushes two men towards insanity, Woné the poor hunter she loved as a child, and King Herald, the beloved leader of Armelia.

The story begins as Santressa’s infidelity is uncovered and a child of questioned lineage is born. Herald’s countrymen begin to question his leadership as he questions the love of his life. Why won’t you love me? This is an unforgettable story about the beginning of a dark and catastrophic era, the dawn of slavery and the fall of a great continent. “One Spear Love,” is a cautionary tale of lost loves and maligned loyalties, its pages will evoke tears, cheers and smiles. This is the story of a lifetime. . .


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