Heart of Justice

Family Ties;

About Heart of Justice

The HOJ is the story of Jeremiah, Garvey & the pursuit of Justice. Garvey is a corporate raider who finds success to be a solitary existence. Justice is a policewoman entangled in a web of lies, deceit & corruption, Garvey is the link that binds them and their destructive love triangle. The HOJ enthralls audiences when Garvey is mysteriously killed, Justice becomes the center of an investigation & Jeremiah is haunted by lost loves, secrets and a dreadful past. Each character seeks understanding, peace & the ever-elusive joy of yesteryear. The HOJ is Jeremiah's story, an American-Urban novel that transcends racial barriers, entertains and enlightens. It is a tale of inner-city circumstance as experienced by all races, creeds and colors. It is the story of promises, loses and love, it is an excursion into "The Heart of Justice." Laugh, cry and journey with Jeremiah as he seeks, the HOJ, "The Heart of Justice."

Released: Summer 2008